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My No-BS Team Method Guitar Review:



If you have spent any time at all looking at guitar courses on the web or in a music store, Iím sure you have figured out that most of them have certain things in common. They are usually taught by a guitarist who has put together some downloads or DVDís to help you learn the skills you need to be able to play. Some are obviously better than others, but I have found Team-Method-Guitar.com to be pretty unique. It was created with the idea that one teacher cannot teach you everything you need to learn to be a great player. Therefore, the author, Ben Edwards, got a lot of accomplished musicians and experienced teachers together to present a team approach to learning. This course is able to offer you expert instruction by the best players in all areas, including acoustic and electric, finger picking, lead guitar, learning to play by ear, and creating your own style.

The authors of this set interviewed a lot of guitar players of all ability levels to try and understand their frustrations with the lessons they had used. They also created a comprehensive list of all the skills necessary to be a great guitarist. Then, they combined all the information and developed a set of lessons that would address all the needs.


Course Content:
When you order Team Method Guitar, you will start with two course books, one for beginners and one for intermediate level players. Between them they provide 44 chapters of sequential lessons. Two DVDís accompany the books so that you can see and hear what you are supposed to do and not just read from a page. The DVDís are well produced and professionally shot so you can actually see the teachersí hand positions and strum patterns. You also get two audio CDís full of jam tracks that you can play along with. They sound great because the musicians are pros, and they let you turn down the guitar part when you are ready to take over the lead yourself.

The set contains a mini course called ďLearning to Play by Ear.Ē I canít even tell you how often I talk to someone who has always wanted to be able to hear something he likes, and then be able to play it without having to rely on a piece of music. Thatís what this part of the course is designed to teach. It has been integrated into the beginner and intermediate material and will help you develop your musical ear.

There is a book called a Chord Reference Kit and a DVD by that name as well. The printed kit is full of color pictures that illustrate 72 chords and tons of progressions and riffs. The DVD contains six lessons specifically designed to build the skills necessary to become a great lead player. There is also an Advanced Level book and DVD, and another CD full of jam tracks just for lead players.

Next we come to another mini course just for acoustic guitar players. Here you will find five video guitar lessons, more jams for acoustic players, and lots of tips and tricks from the experts in the field of acoustic play.

Bonus Features:

There are also four software programs with specialty uses. One is a game called GuitEarIt that provides a fun way to train your musical ear. Another is a game titled JaydeMusica Pro that gives you practice reading music. Both of these games are entertaining, but provide some actual learning at the same time. There is also a computer-based metronome that will help develop your rhythm and timing. Guitar Tuner Pro will help you learn how to tune your instrument and how to keep it in tune so you will sound good while you are practicing.

Here is something that is different from what I have seen before. There is a software program included called Audacity that is a recording and editing studio. You can use it to upload the riffs and solos you learn, or add some extra rhythm tracks to your songs.

Like Ben Edwardsí other guitar course Jamorama, Team Method Guitar is available as a download or as a set of books and discs. Since this course has so many different contributors, you might wonder if it has the unity and flow it should have. Donít worry; itís not just a bunch of tips gathered up from lots of teachers. It is all integrated together into a real system.  If you want more information, click the following link to go to the Team Method Guitar site.

Overall, this course is a wide-ranging way to learn guitar. The downside is that since it is so detailed itís also quite pricey. Thatís why my top recommendation for an equally comprehensive but less costly series would be a set called Learn and Master Guitar. It covers all the aspects of guitar playing you want to learn, but at a more reasonable price.  Click the following link to get further info about Team Method Guitar, or check out my Learn and Master Guitar review.



To your success,

Crazy Dave


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