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My No-BS Logical Lead Guitar Review:


Logical Lead Guitar Site

Have you ever listened to an amazing guitar solo and nearly turned greenwith envy? If you have ever wished that you could play like the guitar greats, then you have probably considered taking lessons or buying some kind of guitar learning course. The problem with many guitar courses available today is that a great musician created them. Everyone knows that your typical awesome guitarist may not be the most competent in explaining and communicating how he does what he does so well. Adam St. James, the
creator of the Logical Lead Guitar program, has worked hard to solve this
common problem.

Adam St. James is an accomplished guitarist. He has been playing guitar for
30 years and teaching for 25 years. Those qualifications alone should tell you a lot about the caliber of Adamís program. He currently plays and performs with a band, but also writes about the guitar industry. His works as a music journalist has been featured in publications like Frets, Guitar World, Guitar Edge and Guitar Shop. He has interviewed a huge list of guitar greats including B.B. King, Aerosmith, Eric Johnson, Buddy Guy, 3 Doors Down, Slipknot and Soundgarden. Adam couldnít help but be influenced by the greatness of the musicians he has written about. Last on the list of his impressive resume are the guitar books he has written. Logical Lead Guitar is not Adamís first effort at teaching guitar techniques. He has also published 101 Guitar Tips, Stuff All The Pros Know And Use, 101 Recording Tips, 101 Singing Tips, Incredible Scale Finder, and Picture Chord Encyclopedia. These books are widely available in big bookstores all over the United States.

Course Components:Logical Lead Guitar Package
Now that you know about the quality of the creator of Logical Lead Guitar,letís talk about the content of the course. It features 2 DVDís with a total of 4 hours of guitar instruction. There are 11 books that include guitar instruction as well as 500 examples in music and tabs. Lastly, Logical Leader Guitar teaches you how to master the 12 basic patterns you need to be a pro guitar player.

With all this information and instruction, you canít go wrong by studying with Logical Lead Guitar. Everyone knows that being a guitar rock star is about more than just playing scales. However, scales are an important skill for any great guitarist and this course teaches you to bridge the gap between simply playing scales and making awesome guitar music. These books will teach you diatonic and pentatonic scales, and common arpeggio forms. There are also lessons on different guitar techniques like pull-offs, slides, hammers and bends that will bring your solos to life. The music theory in Logical Lead Guitar actually has a practical application to your guitar playing greatness.

Adam St. James and Logical Lead Guitar have also created a website to give
you much more information about the course before you decide to buy. You
can read detailed testimonials, more about Adamís credentials, and even
sample articles and interviews that Adam wrote. The website also features a
special bonus. When you subscribe to the Logical Lead Guitar newsletter you
win 2 free guitar books. Which Notes To Bend! and 15 More Fret-Hand
Exercises are both e-books that you can download and get started learning
from immediately.

Overall, Logical Lead Guitar is full of valuable information for any musician to master. The cost is competitive with other available programs. The only complaint I would have about the program is the formatting. Itís not quite as user-friendly as some of the courses I have seen. The 11 course books are all smashed into a single 3-ring binder, making it difficult to easily access the information. It is not too difficult to take a few out of the binder, or buy another binder to make more space. But I would prefer that it arrived at my doorstep in a format that is easier to use. Also, the course is contained in books and DVDís. It is slightly inconvenient to switch from a book to watch an example on TV. Some courses out there are formatted so that you can do everything on your computer and you can spend more time learning your guitar and less time referencing between your course book and audio examples.

In conclusion, Logical Lead Guitar is a course that contains some excellent
information and examples. You will surely grow as a guitar player by completing Adam St. Jamesí program. But if you are going to spend the time
and money to complete a guitar-learning course, donít you want to use the
best? For an even more user-friendly and comprehensive way to improve
your guitar playing I still recommend Learn & Master Guitar. This program
is more technologically advanced and easier to use, with all the great information and techniques that you need to take your guitar skills to the next level.

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To your success,

Crazy Dave


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