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Who is your favorite blues guitar player? Eric Clapton? BB King? Duane Allman? Bonnie Raitt? Maybe you are like me and just love them all. I could listen to blues all day long; and I often do.

But what about learning to play the blues? Learn & Master Blues Guitar I’ve often thought that if I could recreate the sounds I hear on some of my favorite blues tracks, I would be in heaven. Well… guitar heaven anyway. That’s why I was so happy to discover that Legacy Learning Systems2, maker of several great DVD courses, has developed a new series specifically for those who want to learn to play blues guitar. Called Learn and Master Blues Guitar, this one follows on the heels of Learn and Master Guitar1(LMG), a longer and more comprehensive learning system for all types of guitarists. The Blues course is part of a new family of products the company is developing called the Spotlight Series. This one and one on Guitar Setup and Maintenance7 are the first to hit the marketplace, and they both do an excellent job of zeroing in on one topic and covering it completely.

Because the blues is such a unique form of music and relies heavily on improvisation for its depth and signature sound, learning to play it well can be a challenge. With Learn and Master Blues Guitar, however, you will acquire many of the tips and tricks that professionals use when they are jamming with their buddies or performing on stage. Here are some of the concepts and techniques that are covered in this DVD series.

Learn and Master Blues

  • Key changes
  • Blues chord progressions
  • Bends
  • Pull-offs
  • Slide playing
  • Palm muting
  • Blues scales
  • 12/8 blues
  • Shuffles
  • Note reading and Tabs
  • Many blues riffs and licks

By using the six full-length DVDs, you’ll get step-by-step guidance for developing the blues sound that you love. The discs use detailed menus to allow you to find a particular lesson easily, or to return to a song you want to practice again. Each lesson begins with an instructional session where the concept is clearly explained and demonstrated. That is followed by a time for you to play along with the teacher. Graphics are displayed on screen that make it easy for you to keep your place and understand the material.

Jam-Along Materials

In addition to the lesson discs, Play along with a bandthis course comes with a Jam-Along CD and DVD. I have to say, these are my favorite parts of the package. When I use the DVD, I can see and hear a real, professional band and play right along with me. If a TV isn’t handy, I can get the same effect by listening to the Jam-Along CD. These tools make it so much fun to practice; I almost don’t want to stop.

Don’t get the idea that you will be hearing some synthesized music recorded with a cell phone, either. These tracks were laid down by true professionals in a real recording studio and were recorded by experts in audio and video. The quality of both sound and picture is great.

There are 22 blues tracks included on the DVD and CD. They were especially chosen to provide a nice variety of blues styles for you to work on. The songs are in several different keys, numerous styles and tempos that range from laid back to blistering hot. You can practice your guitar soloing technique, learn how to fit a new riff into a piece or play it just the way you hear it. As you practice with the DVD, you’ll see the notes on your TV screen. A lesson book is also provided that gives you detailed written instruction along with tablature, notation, and suggested chord forms.

Course Instructors

I really believe that optimal learning does not take place without a good teacher. No matter how important the topic, or how much information is jammed into a lesson, quality instruction is vital to making progress in any area. The teacher in Learn and Master Blues Guitar is Steve Krenz. If you have seen any of the regular LMG guitar lessons, or used the Gibson iPhone app1a, you will recognize that name. Steve wrote and taught all the lessons in the original 20-disc series, so he has a lot of experience with video instruction. His explanations are clear and concise, and his demonstrations are helpfully broken into small sections that are easy to digest.

Steve also has a lifetime’s experience Blues instructor - Steve Krenzas a professional guitarist. He lives near Nashville, TN, and regularly works with all kinds of pos. He has performed on stage with dozens of well-known musicians including Donna Summer, Israel Houghton, Bryan White and many more. He has also done a lot of studio work and has recorded sound tracks for ad campaigns by Coldwell Banker and Prudential among others.

As a student of Learn and Master Blues Guitar, I’m happy that my teacher has lots of experience as a professional. But the thing that is even more important to me is the fact that Steve really enjoys teaching and sharing his passion for the guitar with others. I know this is true because he has published several articles about different ways of achieving excellence in musicianship. He conducts workshops, conferences and training sessions in cities all over the world, and his instructional skills are in great demand by guitar players of all ability levels. It was obvious to me from the very first lesson that Steve is a teacher at heart and that he would like nothing more than to help me (or you) reach the goal of becoming a blues player.

Blues instructor - Jack Pearson

Two more people have made great contributions to the Blues Guitar learning course. Jack Pearson and Johnny Hiland, both world-renowned blues guitarists, participated in learning sessions, which provide you with a wealth of in-depth knowledge. They both sat down in front of the cameras and discussed the specific gear they use, their own favorite blues techniques and many more aspects of their craft. It’s like attending a private session with some of the best blues players of our time.

Jack Pearson has performed with Faith Hill, The Allman Brothers Band, and Jimmy Buffet just to name a few. During his interview, he covers these topics:

  • Playing Slide Guitar
  • Alternate Tunings
  • Advice for Beginners
  • Special Effects and Amps

Blues instructor - Johnny Hiland

Johnny Hiland is well known for his work with Toby Keith, Ricky Scaggs, and Steve Vai. He discusses the following subjects in his interview:

  • Warm-Up Exercises
  • Approaching the Blues
  • Bending
  • Gear

I think it’s terrific that true pros like these two are willing to take the time to discuss their business for my benefit. I got a lot of insight from watching this part of the series and gathered several handy tricks to put into my blues-playing bag.

While we’re on the subject of the experts who compiled this course, you should also know about the first-rate musicians who participate in the Jam-Along tracks. Steve Krenz does the guitar work, but he is accompanied by three other pros. Dino Pastin has played keyboard with Alabama, Barbara Mandrell, and CeCe Winans. Chris Tyrell is a drummer for Tim McGraw, and Tony Marvelli is a bass player with Andre Crouch, Mandisa and others. Together, they have a great sound that makes me feel like I’m up on stage with them.

The Learn and Master Community

Even though Learn and Master Blues Guitar is the most complete program you can get for pursuing your dream, the learning does not stop with the DVDs and written instruction. As a completely free bonus, you can join the community of students on the Learn and Master website. Legacy Learning Systems provides a wealth of Internet material for its students including a space to write your own blog, discussion forums you can participate in and the ability to upload video and audio tracks for comment.

Obviously, the company has no obligation to provide a service like this. The quality materials it produces would be more than enough to make the business a successful one. But, Legacy chooses to offer these community resources for guitar players as well as for folks that have used their other courses like Learn and Master Drums10, Piano8, Ballroom Dance9, or Painting11.

I really enjoy taking part Learn and Master Blues Guitar student communityin the discussions on the Blues Guitar forum. There are two main categories there to read. One is called Session Questions and was designed for students of the series to ask for advice on particular lessons in the course. Anyone who needs a boost in order to conquer a specific skill or some hints for mastering a certain technique can post here. I’m always amazed at how many helpful responses come in whenever anyone has a question. The members of the community are all passionate about the blues and love to encourage their fellow musicians.

I have read questions about how to play a bend, the best way to use the Jam-Along resources, how to learn a pentatonic scale, picking techniques, and many more interesting topics. The forum members never fail to give useful information, and best of all, Steve Krenz himself often jumps in with tips and good wishes, as well. In my opinion, this provides even more proof that Steve truly cares about his students and likes to make sure they are getting the help they need to learn.

The second section of the forum is called Blues Open Talk. This is the place where blues-lovers of all kinds share information about their favorite artists, recordings, or gear. They talk about great concerts they have attended, and good books that have helped them along in their journeys. One thread that got many responses was titled “If stranded on a desert island with one blues CD…” People had some spirited but friendly discussions about which recording deserves to be on the “all-time best” list. I got plenty of good ideas for discs I should add to my own collection.

If you like to write and need a place to chronicle your journey as a guitarist, the Learn and Master Community site provides a perfect spot for you to do so. Likewise, if you have a recording of yourself or your band performing, you can share it on the website. You are sure to get some encouraging reviews from the other students and may even receive some good advice that will help you along the way. I think it’s a lot of fun to watch the clips other students have posted, too. Watching someone else play a solo I am working on myself can sometimes give me a boost I really need.

I know that learning is sometimes a lonely experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Legacy Learning Systems has hit upon a great way to fulfill its corporate vision of “Bringing Personal Goals Within Reach.” Participating in a vibrant group of like-minded individuals helps me stay motivated and stay on track with my own personal goals.

Money Back Guarantee

Most companies that sell merchandise Learning Legacy Systems - Money Back Guaranteeonline know that a good product warrantee is important to build customer confidence. After all, we can’t examine our purchases in person before we buy, so we want to know for sure that we won’t get stuck with something worthless. Legacy Learning Systems understands this fact very well. That’s why the company allows you to use the Blues Guitar course for two whole months before you have to decide if you want to return it for a full refund. That is plenty of time to see if the program meets your expectations and is a good match for your own learning style.

If you are not satisfied for any reason at all, you can send it back and get your whole purchase price refunded. The company doesn’t ask any questions or require you to fill out a survey. Just send it in and you get reimbursed. It’s that simple. Even though I would never think of sending my copy of the Blues Guitar course back, it’s good to know that I’m dealing with a reputable company like this.


If you are a blues lover, you shouldn’t wait one more minute to try this Learn and Master course. I’m sure it will help you understand your favorite genre like you never have before and will give you the inspiration and motivation you need to learn to play it yourself. It’s a truly great series of lessons that is sequential, well-produced, and expertly taught. It is backed by a robust online community and an iron-clad guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Jump right in and I’ll see you in guitar heaven.

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