Jamplay.com: A Good Online Guitar Course

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I always think it is Jamplay: online guitar courses interesting to talk to people who want to learn to play the guitar. It is often a life-long goal that folks have had. They think, “Someday, when I’m not so busy, I’ll learn,” or “I’ll take lessons as soon as my kids get bigger, or my business grows, or I go on vacation.” If these folks only realized that guitar lessons do not have to be expensive and time-consuming, they would not have to wait for “someday.” If you have been putting your dreams of playing guitar on hold, you may be interested in the lessons offered at Jamplay.com.

While there are many guitar lessons that you can download or order as CD’s or books, Jamplay is different because you watch the video lessons online. There is a monthly fee of $19.95, which allows you access to the members’ area. From there you can choose any one of several lessons that have been recorded and watch it as often as you like.

Course Content

The people at Jamplay have looked around the world and found 36 good guitar teachers, then filmed their lessons, and made them available for rebroadcast over the Internet. The lessons are recorded in HD with several different cameras so that you can see exactly what the instructor is doing. When I last checked the website, there were more than 23,000 minutes of guitar lessons available to Jamplay members. Additional lessons are added to the site on a fairly regular basis, so you will often find something new when you log on as a member.

When you look at the material for beginning guitarists you will see a wide range of topics covered starting from the very basic “Tuning and Set Up” to “How to Read Tab,” and “Strumming Techniques.” The length of each lesson is given next to its title so you will know how much time to set aside. The lessons are also ranked according to difficulty, with little notes under the descriptions. One note means the skill level is low and the rankings increase from there.

Intermediate instruction includes things such as “Barre and Power Chords,” “Fingerpicking,” and “Playing Lead and Rhythm.” There are also some lessons devoted to teaching a particular song, for example “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath. During those sessions, you can learn the riffs and solos you have loved to listen to, as well as the chords. You can also download the Tabs, chord charts and other materials that go with each lesson, so that you can review it at your leisure. The teachers make an effort to explain each part of the lesson in a way that is clear and concise.

There are several genres of guitar music to explore on Jamplay. You can find instruction for Bluegrass, Jazz, Fingerstyle, Rock and some others. There are teachers for both electric and acoustic guitar, and the techniques you need to be effective playing both types are discussed. If you want to know the experience and background of any of the instructors, there are full biographies of all of them posted on the website.

If you decide to become a Jamplay member, your lessons will progress through three phases. The first covers all the basics of fingering, reading chord charts and tabs, and strumming, so if you have some experience with the guitar you may be able to go directly to phase two.

The second phase of Jamplay instruction is where you are allowed to choose your favorite musical genre or artist and take lessons that help you develop in that style. If you love blues, rock, metal, folk or a combination of styles, you’ll find instruction in your area. You are free to try lessons from several different instructors until you find one that matches your goals and style of learning.

Phase three of Jamplay is completely unique. It allows you to request that a lesson be created especially for you around your favorite song. If there is a certain piece you’ve always wanted to play, here is your chance to learn it. You simply post your request on the members’ forum and the folks at Jamplay will find an instructor that is qualified to teach it.

Extra Materials

In addition to the video lessons, Get additional access to a large library of chordsyour membership in Jamplay gets you a few more bonus items. As previously mentioned, you can print materials that coordinate with each lesson. There is also a large chord library available, which features both the Tabs and chord charts for hundreds of chords. It is printable, as well, or you can access it online at any time.

The website at jamplay.com has a large archive of articles for you to read at your leisure. There are product reviews, discussions of music theory concepts such as arpeggios, and tips for improving your practice sessions and setting up a home studio. You’ll also find biographical information about some of your favorite guitar players and read about amps and other guitar accessories.

You will find a free online metronome Free online tuner & metronome at Jamplayat Jamplay and a tuner, as well. Both are adjustable for a variety of settings and can be used wherever you have Internet access. The tuner is particularly useful because it offers several more tuning configurations than just the basic EADGBE. You can choose from open tuning, ethnic, D minor and several others.

Jamplay provides an online area where members can ask the instructors questions and receive the answers in video form. The videos are then available for other members that might have the same questions to view. There is also a social networking feature that lets members search for others with similar interests. You may be able to chat with other guitar fans by searching according to geographical location, skill level or favorite band. You can create your own profile, too, which can include photos, musical background or more information that other members may use to find you. Once you meet a guitar buddy, you can use the personal online message center to have private conversations.

Jamplay is available for a monthly fee. You also have a choice to subscribe quarterly or yearly. The membership can be cancelled at any time, for any reason, and if you make a request within the first seven days of membership, your purchase price can be fully refunded.

Overall, I think that Jamplay is a good program. The quality of the instructors is high, and the technical aspects are well done. If you are considering an online guitar-learning method, my first choice would be GuitarTricks.com, because it offers more types of lessons and devotes more time to music theory. Jamplay is a good choice, as well, however, and depending on your learning style, you may find that it works better for you. The social networking aspects of this program are appealing, too, so if that is something you know you will enjoy, give it a try. My recommendation would be to take advantage of the seven-day free membership offer and see if you think that Jamplay will help you arrive at your goal of becoming a real guitar player.

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