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My No-BS Learn and Master Guitar Review:


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"Hands-Down the BEST DVD Guitar Course of 2011!"

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Just about all of us, from all generations, grew up listening to guitar music. Whether you were a fan of country music, bluegrass, folk, blues, or rock and roll, guitars were vital to the sound you loved. That's probably the reason that folks of all ages want to learn to play the guitar. People tell me all the time how they would like to be able to play just for fun or to join with friends in a jam session. Others want to help their kids learn to play, or join a musical group at their church or civic organization. Still other folks have big goals like becoming a professional or writing their own music. Whatever their reason for wanting to be a guitarist, I always feel good about recommending a series called "Learn and Master Guitar" to help them. It is my top pick to help anyone who is serious about learning or mastering the guitar.

This isn't just a book or some software that leaves a student struggling alone to learn. It is a comprehensive, professionally produced course that can help everyone get better at the guitar, regardless of skill level. It is almost as effective as a private instructor, but at just a fraction of the cost. It is the best program I have seen to help beginners get off to a good start, to assist more advanced students polish their skills, and to keep guitarists of all abilities motivated and improving.

Course Basics:

Learn & Master Guitar was written by Steve Krenz who has a degree in music and experience playing guitar in all kinds of situations. He has been a guitarist in a symphony orchestra, a jazz big band, and in recording studios of all kinds. He is familiar with all styles of guitar music and has a desire to help others learn to play. That's why he created this DVD series, and I can see his passion for the project coming across in the lessons.

This course centers around twenty DVD's that have been produced by real professionals. They obviously weren't videotaped by some guy and his buddies in a garage. They are full of high quality photography and graphics and are designed to be easy to stop and start or repeat a section whenever you need to. Steve gives instruction about the topic for the lesson, and then allows time for you to practice and play along with him. There are close-ups of both hands as Steve plays so you can check your own hand positions.

Jam-Along CD's:

I think the part of Learn And Master Guitar that is the most fun, is playing with the Jam-Along CD's. There are 5 discs recorded by a professional group of musicians that feature all the songs you will be learning in the lessons. At the beginning of the course you will have the choice of three different tempos for each song. That can be very handy when you are just starting out and need to take things slow. You can play along with the group and when you are ready, you can fade the guitar part out and become the lead man yourself. It is so much fun to feel like part of a band and it will impress your friends when they hear how good you have become.

Lesson Book and Topics:

Steve's Learn and Master Guitar comes with a book more than 100 pages long that is designed to accompany the DVD lessons. That way you can see the notes on paper as you hear Steve play them which makes learning to read music easier. The book also explains tablature, another important skill for a guitar player to have.

Learn and Master Guitar Package

In my opinion, the best thing about this course is the way everything is explained so logically and builds from one lesson to the next. I can't think of any aspect of learning the guitar that is not covered in this set. Here are just a few of the topics you will learn from Learn & Master Guitar: strumming, rhythm, key changes, reading music, ear training, alternate chords, soloing, reading tabs, and scales. Every style of guitar music is explored here, too from Latin, folk and classical, to metal and rock. It is the most complete course I have seen, bar none.

Bonus Materials:

Another cool feature of Learn And Master Guitar is the free online support that is available when you purchase the series. It is the perfect forum if you want to ask a question, get some support, or brag about your success. Steve Krenz will answer your questions himself and lots of other friendly guitar guys will jump in, too. I think it is so helpful when you are learning anything new if you have a place to express some frustrations or blow off steam. Learn And Master Guitar provides just that.

Money Back Guarantee:

Another reason I'm happy to recommend this course to guitar students is because of the money back guarantee. You can use the series for up to sixty days and if it is not working out for you, you can get your money back. That's it. There are no questions asked. This guarantee shows me that the producers of this product really believe in it, or they would not be able to make such an offer.


So, there are plenty of reasons why I am glad to recommend Learn And Master Guitar to people looking for a way to learn. The bottom line is, I think it is the best! Every aspect of the series is top quality and well done and it really will help you Learn And Master Guitar.

If you want more info about the course, you can click the following link to go to the official Learn and Master Guitar website. Or, if you want more info on the courses creator, Steve Krenz, you can click HERE.  I Hope this helps!


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To Your Success,

Crazy Dave

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