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My No-BS JustAcoustic Review:

"JustAcoustic: For Those that Like it Unplugged"

I've found the thing all guitar players have in common, regardless of their skill level or experience, is the desire to get better. Chances are that's why you are viewing this website right now. The folks at Just Acoustic promise to make you a better guitarist if you use their product or give you your money back. They offer a system that leads you step by step through learning the guitar so there is never any ambiguity about where to start or what to work on next. The program is a web tutorial that includes over 450 song lessons and hundreds of skill lessons, with audio, video, detailed instruction and downloads.

My favorite part of this website was the "community feel" it had. There is a well used forum where members can dispense wisdom, ask questions or just chat. Members can also connect to the larger Guitar Alliance forum if they so desire. There is a Frequently Asked Questions section and a free newsletter, both of which I found to be informative.

Another thing I liked about this website was the library of song lessons: everything from modern to classical and from country to rock. Of particular interest to me was the "request-a-lesson" feature that allows members to request songs to be added to the website. With a song selection this large and diverse it's likely this website includes lessons on how to play many of your favorite acoustic songs.

There is a lot of free content on this site, so if you are looking for some tips but lack the funds to purchase an instructional program, this would be a good site to visit. They offer mini-lessons on subjects ranging from finger-picking to strumming to stringing and tuning your guitar. In addition they also offer a number of song lessons for free. If you decide to join the site, it will cost you $34.95 a year for member status, and you will be pleased with many of the extra items that are available when you join.

The website lists eight bonus products that are included with membership: Becoming a Better Singer, Marketing Your Band, Songwriting 101, Drummer-on-Demand, E-Z Acoustic Collection, 56 Classical Zips, 1200+ Chord Database, and finally 1000+ Acoustic PTBs. Let's take these extras one at a time to determine the benefits you might reap from each of them.

Becoming a Better Singer is a comprehensive singing tutorial that covers proper dieting, creating vibrato, and breathing exercises among other things. Marketing Your Band deals with how to take your band from obscurity to the big time, but it is superfluous to any guitarists that don't have grand inspirations of rock stardom. I found Songwriting 101 to be interesting despite not aiming to be a professional songwriter. It sheds some light on the mystical art of songwriting and in reality it's not as hard as you think. Drummer-on-Demand is what amounts to a computerized metronome and is useful for practice sessions. E-Z Acoustic Collection is a compilation of 10 bonus song lessons. 56 Classical Zips is a collection of 56 classical guitar tabs, great for any classical music aficionados. The 1200+ Chord Database is self-explanatory. 1000+ Acoustic PTBs is a collection of tabs that are accurate and fun to play.


Overall I believe that JustAcoustic is a good database for guitar players of all skill levels. There was much useful information scattered across the site in the forum and mini-lessons in particular. The thing that impressed me most about this site is that the operators trust their system so much they offer a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. That, coupled with the wealth of bonuses, which you keep even if you get your money refunded, makes this website a good one to try out and see if its methods work for you. Any fan of the acoustic sound will find valuable information within this course, and it is capable of helping you learn to play like acoustic artists that you admire. In short, I highly recommend Just Acoustic as the best course for anyone who loves the unplugged sound.

To Your Success,

Crazy Dave

I'm off to the Guitar Licks!



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