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My No-BS Jamorama Acoustic Review:


Like many of you, I have listened to lots of guitar music during my life. Iíve been impressed by some of the great acoustic players like James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, and Jewell. Jack Johnson has probably succeeded in creating a whole new generation of young acoustic fans. If youíve ever wanted to be able to play like these artists, there is a set of lessons called Jamorama Acoustic Guitar that can help you. Whether you want to play just for the fun of it, or have big dreams of writing and performing your own songs, or playing in a club, you can learn what you need to know with this set. Ben Edwards is the guitar man that developed the program, and it is put together so that it works no matter what your ability level is now. You can start from the very beginning or somewhere in the intermediate range and proceed from there.

Acoustic Basics:
Ben Edwards also wrote a series of lessons for lead and electric guitar players, but this set is designed specifically with the acoustic player in mind. Jamorama Acoustic Guitar includes 153 video lessons, which means it covers just about every aspect of guitar playing you can think of. I found the videos to be well done and professionally shot. No grainy, amateur footage here. You can see close-ups of both hands of the guitar player, and learn how to position your fingers for the greatest accuracy. It will help to keep you from developing bad habits in your playing and teach you the right way to do things.

I like the 26 Jam Tracks that are included in the set. A professional guitarist, drummer and bass player recorded them, and they allow you to play along with them right from the beginning of the lessons. At first you might want to just play with the group, but when you think you are ready, you can turn the guitar part off and take over yourself. It is a lot more fun to learn basic skills this way than it is to sit in your room and repeat drills over and over. These audio tracks give you the feeling of belonging to an actual band, and they have several varieties of music, so you can find the style you like best.

Develop Acoustic Skills:
If you really want to be a good acoustic player, there are several specific skills you will need. By going through these lessons youíll learn how to use a pick, as well as mastering finger picking. You can practice a lot of different strumming techniques and learn muting and percussive playing. The set should improve your rhythm, and most importantly, in my opinion, it will make you a more fluent player. Itís that smoothness and fluidity that you really need to be a great acoustic guitarist.

Learn to Read Notes and Tablature:
The actual written lessons in Jamorama Acoustic are good, too. They teach you how to read music and give you a background in music theory without getting all caught up in jargon. Iíve heard lots of folks say that they will never be able to understand traditional written music. Itís like they think it is a secret code, or something, but these lessons will make it easy to learn. A computer game called Jayde Musica comes with this set, too. It is meant to be a fun way for you to learn to read the notes on a staff while playing a game. Itís a nice add-on, and an entertaining way to give you some variety in your practice time.

I think itís important for any guitarist to learn to read tablature, and Jamorama Acoustic Guitar can help you with that. There are lots of examples of Tabs included in the lessons and they are explained in a way that makes it clear. Once you understand the principles behind reading Tabs, youíll be able to find thousands of songs online that have the Tabs written out, so you can play just about any song ever written.

Learn to Play by Ear:
If you donít want to have to depend on Tabs, though, this program can help you learn to play by ear. I donít know how many times I have talked to guitar players who want to be able to play something they have heard on the radio or a recording. I have to say; it is pretty cool to join right in with a jam session without having to have music in front of you. This Jamorama set will help you train your ear so you can recognize the chords you hear and reproduce them. It has a computer game included called GuitEarIt, which is a fun way of practicing your listening skills. The game is not only entertaining, it will help you improve your ear really quickly and get you on the road to playing the songs you like to hear.

Extra Products:
Besides the two computer games that come with Jamorama Acoustic, you get an ebook titled ďAdvanced Learning Techniques for Guitar.Ē The whole idea here is to practice visualizing the things you are learning even when you donít have your guitar with you. You can find out how to mentally rehearse your lessons when you are driving, or before you go to sleep. The idea is to make your practice time even more valuable because you are mentally prepared for it.

There is also software called ďGuitar Tuner ProĒ accompanied by the ebook ďHow to Tune your Guitar.Ē I think lots of people find tuning to be a real issue, especially beginners, so this might come in really handy.

On the whole, Iím pretty impressed with Jamorama Acoustic Guitar, but my top pick for guitar lessons would have to be a series called Learn and Master Guitar. Feel free to go straight to the Jamorama Acoustic site for more info.


To your success,

Crazy Dave


...I'm off to the Guitar Licks!


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