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My No-BS Guitar Mojo Review:

Apparently, guitar mojo is a term used among musicians to describe that mysterious force that takes a musician above all the rest and allows him to impress the pants off of any audience. All the blues greats like B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Eric Clapton had this intangible power to rock their crowds. Is it magic, or is it serious training and commitment? It is difficult to answer that question, but it is obvious that one guitar-learning program called Guitar Mojo is definitely not the answer.

Even though this program takes it’s name from the overwhelming and seemingly magical power of the great guitarists, there is nothing magic about this course. It is an online web membership service that requires you to pay in order to gain access to lessons. It makes huge promises to teach you everything you need to know about how to play the blues guitar just like the greats. If playing like the greats means learning some canned information that you could find anywhere else on the internet for free, then Guitar Mojo will follow through on it’s promise.

A huge question that I had in perusing the web site was, who came up with this? Most guitar training programs have a lot of information about the author in order to persuade you that their course is the absolute best for training you to play a rockin’ blues guitar. This site has absolutely no details about who authored the program and why you should spend your hard earned money to learn from their expertise. If I am going to put time and money into an online guitar course, I want to know that it is designed by someone who really knows what they are talking about. The only name I could find on the website is from the Webmaster of the site. It makes one wonder if a crafty computer geek out there put together this site made up of various lessons that he could find online.

The site claims that all the bonuses of the membership will include important blues scales, common blues chords, how to improvise, how to play by ear, techniques for acoustic blues, instruction on turnarounds, and how to play slide guitar. These are definitely important techniques to master if you want to become a great blues guitar player. However, the presentation of the information on Guitar Mojo will not get you far in your quest to transcend the other amateur guitarists on your block. Yes, there are lessons on these topics, but I found them very unoriginal. I could get the exact same information online for free with a little bit of searching, instead of paying for a subscription to the web site.

In an effort to help you learn, the program includes audio examples, blues tabs, mp3 jam tracks, video demonstrations and detailed instructions. These also seem as if they are pulled randomly from other sites and programs with very little information about who is playing the examples or who came up with these techniques. The audio examples are not very high quality and the mp3 jam tracks are extremely difficult to follow. The site is not very user friendly, as you have to click pages between the audio examples and the explanation texts that accompany them.

The price of Guitar Mojo does look appealing when you compare it to some programs. They claim that there are other courses that you could buy for hundreds of dollars, but this one is only $30 for a year subscription. Of course they don’t mention what the cost will be after a year is up. And who is going to perfect a real guitar mojo in just one year of practicing? One enticing item to get you to subscribe is that if you sign up the first day you log on to the site you will be able to get a lifetime subscription for the $30 price of a year-long subscription. Sounds tempting, but I found several postings on guitar forums from users that had major issues with their supposed lifetime subscription to the site. Why would you want to pay $30 for a lifetime subscription to a site that doesn’t have a shred of original information, anyway?

In closing, if you really want to be a great guitarist, you will need to find some mojo magic. In order to develop that magic, you will need to devote a great deal of time and energy into practicing your craft so that it flows naturally from your soul. However, no one I know has the level of commitment needed to wade through this pile of poorly constructed and clichéd lessons. If you are going to commit to becoming an awesome guitarist, you should put your efforts toward learning from a real expert and not some website created by people with no musical background. The best course you will find to help you get true mojo is called Learn and Master Guitar by Steve Krenz. Read more about it here.


To your success,

Crazy Dave


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