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My No-BS Amazing Guitar Secrets Review:


Amazing Guitar Secrets Site

Because broadband Internet service has become so widespread, more and more instructors are posting their guitar lessons as videos available on the web. Students can log in and view their teacher explaining and demonstrating the technique of the day. This can be a cost-effective and flexible way to learn guitar skills. The lessons are available at any time of the day and allow students to proceed at their own pace. Dan Denley of Amazing Guitar Secrets is one teacher who has taken advantage of this technology. He has produced a series of guitar lessons that will benefit musicians at varying skill levels. They are available online in the form of 10 course books accompanied by video demonstrations and audio tracks. When you buy the course, you will also receive two DVD’s in the mail that contain all the video tutorials.

With Amazing Guitar Secrets, you have the option of purchasing the entire course in physical form. This consists of all ten lesson books bound together in one convenient spiral package, the video DVD’s and a CD Rom that contains all of the information available on the website. By combining audio, video, and printed material, the course can provide a thorough, well-organized approach to learning the guitar.


Amazing Guitar Secrets Package

About Dan Denley:
Dan Denley is a professional guitarist with a music degree from the University of Memphis. Even though he possesses advanced skills himself, his instructions make it obvious that he has not forgotten what it feels like to be a beginner. The course starts with the absolute basic material that a novice would need. In the first DVD, Dan covers topics such as stringing and tuning your guitar, how to hold the instrument, and how to build finger strength. You will also get an introduction to scales, open chords, and reading tablature.

As you progress to disc 2, the topics become more advanced. Here, Dan covers things like intervals, minor and pentatonic scales, barre chords, and many other subjects. Because Dan has a thorough understanding of music theory himself, he is able to break it down into segments that are important for a guitarist to learn, but not overwhelming. His instruction is clear and easy to follow. There are places in the lessons where he makes a mistake in his playing. I think that the fact Dan chose to leave these little errors in the finished product shows that he is more interested in helping others to learn, than in building himself up as a great musician.

Dan Denley states that he has identified Five Critical Guitar Techniques that any serious student of the instrument should develop. These are:

1) Finger Strength…training your fingers to do what you tell them to do.
2) Scales…the basis of all songs and riffs.
3) Chords…learning to put them together to make interesting progressions.
4) Rhythm…mastering many different patterns.
5) Application…the combination of all these separate parts.

The lessons are designed to address each of these five areas every day. By the end of the course you will learn how to play all the scales in all positions and all keys, how to build your own chord progressions, how to improve your finger strength and agility, and how to reproduce the dynamic rhythm patterns you hear in your favorite songs.

Bonus Materials:
If you are not quite convinced that this is the series for you, you can sign up for three free video lessons and a 40-page ebook called “How to Solo With Pentatonic Scales.” All of this is available with no obligation at all. The course comes with several bonus items, as well. You get over forty “Jam Tracks” that you can download from the members’ website in MP3 format. They allow you to play along with a band wherever you are. You’ll also receive a Progress Tracker, which will help you to plot your current skills as a guitarist and set goals for your future development. You will be entitled to subscribe to a series of email articles that will encourage you and keep your motivation strong.

Dan Denley offers a good money back guarantee with his product. You are allowed to use the course for 90 days. That should be long enough to get a really good feel for the things that you can learn and way the lessons are presented. If you are not happy with the series for any reason, Dan promises a “prompt, friendly refund.” It really takes the risk out of trying a new approach to your study of the guitar.

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On the whole, Amazing Guitar Secrets is a pretty good course. My top pick, however, is more detailed and will help you improve regardless of your skill level or the style of guitar you want to learn. Learn & Master Guitar by Steve Krenz is a DVD series that has been produced with more professional audio and visual techniques and is by far the best course available for an aspiring guitarist. I sometimes found the camera and sound work to be sub-standard in the Amazing Guitar Secrets lessons, but Learn and Master Guitar has no such problems. It is the ultimate guitar-learning course and you can see my full review of this excellent product HERE.


To your success,

Crazy Dave


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