About MadGuitarLicks.com

Guitar LicksHi, I am the one and only Crazy Dave!

I am called Crazy Dave because…well to be honest… I like to live my life on my terms.

And my terms are all about music. Whether I am playing it, jamming with my friends, ‘youtubing’ it, listening to it on the street corner, at a gig or concert…man I absolutely live for it!

I always have…I always will!

Its All About The Music

My earliest memory of being obsessed with music was listening to my pop play his ukelele. I’d sit with him and he would play for hours on end and I was hooked.

By the time I was 5 yrs, I had my first guitar. I besieged my mother for months to get a guitar and I got a second-hand one for my birthday. In my young mind, that was the day my rock-god fantasies truly kicked off.

Jimi Hendrix – My Rock God

Some kids would always be kicking or throwing a ball as they walked around the block…for me, every where I went, Jimi went. He was my guitar, named after the guy whose talents I obsessed after…the guitar god Jimi Hendrix.

I would play guitar waiting for our school bus, on the bus, during our lunch breaks, and every minute that I had spare. Every weekend, I would follow my mother around the house asking, demanding and begging her to tell me that I was making great progress.

“Do you think I will be a famous guitar player?”

“Do you think I will be as good as Jimi?”

“Mum, am I getting better?”

Can you imagine being asked that 10 times a day, everyday? Parents put up with a lot don’t they!

But what can I say! I was obsessed, I was absorbed beyond myself, and I was going to be the next Jimi!

School got in the way of my practice a lot, my folks seemed to think differently.

I did have the occasional paper run…but, I only did it to buy strings. I seemed to go through them quickly.  But if every waking moment is spent playing, then owning spare strings was important.

Moving In With An Amp

My father dragged an old amp out of a tip when he dumped some stuff there once. After firing it up in our lounge room, I was soon evicted to the garage.

There in my element, Simon (local kid) and I would play “Hey Joe”, “Purple Haze” and “Red House” for hours on end….over and over again …In the morning I’d wake up with ” All Along The Watchtower” imprinted in my head.

Am sure that our neighbors begged my parents for a reprieve. One time when I was in the backyard picking up oranges from our tree, I heard Mr Ridgeworth ask my father over the back fence once…”Do you think David is going through a phase at the moment?”

I am sure he was hoping it was the case. Poor man.

Sadly for my family and all our neighbors, Jimi, Simon and I were in it for life.

A New Electric Guitar

Several years later I’d been working several jobs including part time gigs with my band “Rat Black and Jack”. As grown ups now, you’d think that the desire for music would be watered down with responsibilities of life. Not the case. Our band plays when we can, luckily for our families, it is no longer in someone’s garage. We jam in a nearby warehouse from time to time and do the odd gig.

We now have the means to buy new gear, no more shabby sticker-laden guitars. I’ve retired Jimi and had a few Strats over the years with the odd Gibson. One of the guys in our band is from Argentina and can play a wicked acoustic set so we are still learning as much as we can.

When we aren’t all jamming together, I am still learning in my spare time. I still have a need to be the best I can, although I may not sell out Madison Gardens in the near future.

Perfecting My Technique By Mentors and Online Guitar Lessons

I have had a few lessons over the years to perfect my technique from some awesome guitar mentors, and also hit the web for the odd online lesson.

For me, I have found it frustrating to have to move between 10 plus different sites to find everything I want. So, to alleviate that pain, I started up my own library…and have since moved it on line…under the guise of Crazy Dave’s Madguitarlicks.

I thought it would make life a lot more simple to have it at my finger tips and, for all those muso’ nuts like ourselves, you can find what you’re looking for easy.

If you have any questions or got a comment you’d like to share (play nice) lets us know via the Contact Crazy Dave page.

And in the meantime ….keep rockin and keep livin the dream!